Hi people,

here we have the problem with understanding how the NFS works.
The situation:
we have two servers - SLES 10 and SLES 11 with NFS enabled. For users
we use local password file method.
with SLES you have two options - you can use default NFS settings (v.3
I guess) and you can use v.4 NFS options that includes user mapping
And the v.4 option is supported only in SLES 11 client (I can't find
any remarks about it in SLES 10 NFS client).

Then we have two identical users on both computers with some rights to
files and folders (complex enough, actually they are Oracle accounts).
And we need to give access for the user from one server to another via
NFS with user mapping.

So we have the following results:
If the user ID on both servers are identical (104 for example) - there
are no problem even if we use default NFS settings.
But if the user ID differs (104 on one server and 105 on other) - there
is no option to map one ID to other even if we use "true" v.4 NFS
settings (with editing idmap.conf).

I read RTFM and found very poor information about v.4 NFS configuring,
so now I can't understand the basic function:
- if NFS v.4 can only map user with identical ID from one server to
other, then I have no chances with mapping users with identical IDs
- if there is somwhere more sophisticated configuring for NFS v.4,
where this option is available (may be NFS upgrade needed), please point
me there

Thank you in advance

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