Hi all,

I have a laptop with two hard drive slots. I have installed a 240GB SSD in slot 1 and use the older 750GB HDD in slot 2.
I would like to install SLED on the SSD and Windows 7 on the HDD.
Previously I made an attempt to install the systems but they fail to see each other and thus not allowing me to choose which one to boot from.
Also, I would very much like to mount the Windows 7 partition (NTFS) once SLED boots up so that I can access the files from this HDD.

So the questions are:
1. In which order do I install the systems, how do I configure partitions on each drive?
2. How to I enable a booting menu so that I can choose which one to boot from?
3. How do I auto mount the NTFS partition from within SLED?

Many thanks. Please ask if any details are unclear.