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shabalstaff wrote:

> I wonder why it does not provide an uninstall function.

I thought that is what "fdisk" is for... ;-)
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda
and wait...

Back to the probably of not being able to boot the machine from CD, then if you remove the drive to wipe it, how are you going to re-install Windows once you've put the drive back in the machine? Seems to me you really need to figure out the BIOS. If the machine won't boot from CD and you're certain you've set CD as the first boot device and you've tried multiple CDs and you're certain the CD drive actually works, then you need to resort to KBOYLE's previous suggestion of finding the motherboard jumper that allows you to reset the BIOS back to factory state. It should be labelled on the motherboard, it'll be in the manual for the motherboard if you have that, or put the make and model in to Google.