Hello, my host server has SLES11 SP2 installed. I installed KVM. I then installed with KVM opensuse 11.2. Everything worked fine, here on my test network. When the Server was put onto the house network, the quest server could no longer be reached over network. My network section told me the switch was tagged for 2 different networks. 1. 192.168.1.xx and 2. 192.168.23.xx(tagged IDxx).
My host server needs to be on the 1. network and it works fine. The quest server needs to be on the 2. network and to be tagged. I have tried many different ways, but could get it to work.
I configured a VLAN on the host Server could get traffic thru from host to 2. network, but not guest to 2. network. Everything else, I got nothing from anywhere to 2. network.
I don't have much experience in networking. So I need more help on setting this up. The main problem is I can not find any direct documation for this. Or I am just missing something.
I have already checked, my network card and driver support vlan and tagging, so that should not be the problem.
Any help or ideas?