I have bought the HP on Amazon at least two years ago, SLED 10 installed.
After a while a message indicating "problems with a software source" showed up so I registered the computer with NCC.
Could install a lot of updates via Yast but still not the one whch was causing trouble (seems to be some emergency source). It did not accept my NCC user name and password.
I unchecked the repository and dowloaded all other ones.
Was very happy with the updates, the machine ran great.
I shut it down and when I wanted to continue working the next day it did not start up.
I tried the "failsafe" boot entry but even that failed.
It showed that it was searching/waiting for dev/sda3, however the machine only has one hard disk.

Unfortunately I do not have a backup of all my data so I am hesitant to choose the boot entry "factory recovery".
I know it asks if I want to keep the data in my home partition.

Can anybody help me please?
Is there a chance of doing something else except factory reset?