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Thanks.But my computer had been pre-installed SLED 10.I just recoveried it to SLED 10 by the recovery DVD.Does it support SLED 11?
If your machine works with SLED 10 it'll work with SLED 11. Also some HP Mini 2140s shipped with SLED 11 on them.

However, some HP machines pre-loaded with SLED do ship with additional repos set up by HP that provide packages to support some hardware which SLED 11 SP3 as provided by SUSE doesn't support out of the box I haven't been able to determine say whether everything in the HP Mini 2140 is supported by SLED 11 SP3 out of the box. A minute on Google found http://www.linlap.com/hp_mini_2140 where someone says everything worked with some Debian variant except for wireless and there's a link to the required driver. That's page is dated from 2010 though, so things could have changed since then.