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Thread: Setting up atftpd or tftpd on a server, specific eth port

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    Setting up atftpd or tftpd on a server, specific eth port

    I need to set up a tftp service on a server in a LAN so that it listens only on a specific network in a vLAN, via a dedicated network interface.

    My workstations are in a 192.168.x network in the default vLAN. They do not do bootP and I do not want them to try. DHCP in this LAN is set up to answer requests from MITEL IP PHONES by sending them to a vLAN 5, and specifying a bootP server at 172.16.x.222. The phones have everything they need, assuming TFTP provides the files they need in order to boot up.

    The second NIC is configured with a static IP in this LAN. It is plugged into a switch on a port configured to vLAN 5, untagged.

    I would like the tftp deamon to listen only on this second NIC. We do have ZENworks imaging, and occasionally we start proxy-dhcp services in order to restore a Windows image to a workstation. I do not want to interfere with this service.

    I have been using atftpd on a dedicated Ubuntu box and know how to configure it for this purpose. I would now like to do this on my Branch servers with SLES11, as I have a free NIC with which to do it.

    I see that atftpd, novell-tftp, tftp, and yast2-tftp-server are all available. What do you recommend? Is there a way to configure the service to listen only to requests from the 172.16.x ethernet interface?
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