I am trying to Demo the Suse Enterprise Linux Desktop version 11 SP3
my company wants to demo RedHat and Suse.
I want Suse Enterprise Linux Desktop SP3 but I'm having a Real Simple issue
I can enable internet or get on the internet via wireless
I downloaded SLED 11 sp3 last night.

Where do you enable to show the wireless bars that
usually show you are connect to the wireless Network after you enter network name and password.

Toshiba Laptop Satellite Harman/Kardon
Model A505-S6033 System Unit
cpu Intel i7 quad core

I have used Centos, Linux Mint and Ubuntu Linux.
And I can connect ok with using my built in Wireless on my Laptop.
Or by using my 2 usb devices that are wireless one is Netgear and other is default from Cable Company my ISP.

On Suse Linux Desktop Enterprise
If I go to Control Center/Network Settings
My Nic Card built in and My Wireless Built in shows up.
My 2 other devices I plugged in that are wireless network devices also shows up under here.
However, I enter the Edit for either one of them
and I scan for Network and enter my Wireless Network password.
and then click next.

it exits ok
but when I open Firefox
I don't get a connect to the internet

can someone help please?

This is something that is usually so simple to do
on my windows 7/8 os
on my Ubuntu Linux
on my Linux Mint and etc.

Why is this so hard to find and connect with???

Don Curry