I have a SLES 10 SP3 server with OES 2 SP2 installed which I cannot
update at all. The Novell registration all appeared to be ok but
regardless of how i try to find the updates there are none available.

I've followed TIDs 3465877 and subsequently 3030847 to try and register
but the catalogs are never available. Using the command rug sub
OES2-Updates returns not a valid catalog, or any other catalog name that
I have entered they are all not valid.

Since the above TIDs I have totally broken things further so now when I
run rug sl I can only see
active NU https://nu.novell.com but no ZYPP entries for SLES 10 SP3 or
OES2 SP2, previously these were visable.

/usr/lib/zmd/query-pool products produces the correct info both
SUSE-SLES 10 SP3 and OES 2 have the small i beside them, I've been
through the remove nu.novell.com rczstop delete /etc/zmd/secret
/etc/zmd/deviceid restart rczmd etc and the suse_register process
numerous times but rug sl only shows the nu.novell.com entry.

When things were better and I had the correct entries under rug sl the
rug ca command would not produce anything showing updates and trying to
subscribe to the catalogs just failed with not valid catalog messages.

As you can probably tell I am a novice at this, can someone please tell
me how I can fix this mess and get my server to update either through
yast or rug?

Thanks in advance

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