Hi, we are getting patching conflict errors when updating our SLES 11
(64-bit) server:
"nothing provides libpciaccess0=7.4_0.11.0 needed by
"nothing provides libmysqlclient15=5.0.94 needed by
"nothing provides libldap-2_4-2=2.4.26 needed by

The options are: 1) deinstallation of existing packages that conflict
with the patches; 2) do not install these patches; and 3) break open the
patches by ignoring some of its dependencies.

Since these are security patches that we need to apply to keep our
server up to date, we cannot choose option 2. Also, the current
packages are required for the server to function. If we choose option 1
(deinstall the conflicting packages), can we re-install the packages
that we deinstalled, after applying the patches? Also, what does option
3 mean, and what are the consequences of choosing it? Thanks in advance
for help that anyone can provide.

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