Hi tbjx46,

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I have a JPOS/corescanner app developed and running fine on SP2 and uses the latest libusb 1.0.

I am unable to run the same app on SP1 out of the box and requires me to fix the dependency on latest libusb 10.

I installed the required libusb 1.0 and tried installing my app again but it still says that dependency is not fulfilled. I thought the system is still considering the older libusb 0.1 as default and removing it might help but it just removes everything dependent on it too. Is there a way I can make my app bind to the newly installed libusb 1.0??

Thanks in advance for help.
A set of questions came up reading your description:

1. SLES11SP1 is no longer supported, so I guess there must be some specific dependency to run this on SP1?

2. What exactly do you see as an error? "but it still says that dependency is not fulfilled" is rather vague, as such dependencies can reflect at various level...

3. How do you install your application, is it an RPM or are those otherwise bundled files? Same goes for "[installation of] the required libusb 1.0" - via RPM or by some other means?

Typically, libraries are installed with symlinks reflecting individual version number, major version number and no version number at all. Have you considered linking to the "lib" in a way reflecting your exact requirements?