I have an older SLES 10 server that has 2 hds in a software RAID1. One of the hds went bad, bad sectors, and I am now getting errors in the OS, the GNome desktop is crashing and apps wont load. So I can boot the server but I cannot do anything once logged in.

The file system is reiserfs. The 1st thing I did was use Clonezilla to make a copy of the good hd and am working from that so that if I make any mistakes they are not unrecoverable.

If I remove the bad hd the system will not boot to the desktop failing with an error. (Sorry for the size of the image, didn't know how to change it here)

I have tried using the original install disk to do a rescue on the good hd but it tells me there are no Linux file systems on the disk and fails.

Sorry if this is not all detailed enough, I know my way around the basics but am by no means an expert.