Hi all,
I have windows 2012 R2,hyper-v configured.And i have a SLES 11 SP3 Virtaul machine installed on hyper-V environment.I have a requirement related to Timesync between host machine(windows 2012 R2) or may be timesync between NTP server and VM(guest SLES 11 SP3).

When the Linux VM system boots,the timesync is working fine.Suppose if I change the host machine Time(windows 2012 R2) to value different time.I see in the Linux VM,time sync is not happening.

Is there a way to forcefully sync the time using any hyper-v service in Linux?

I see when i reload(rmmod and modprobe) the the hv_utlity,the time sync is happening? is this the right way to force the timesync?

Thank's in advance for any suggestions/inputs.

Thanks & Regards,