I have a disk image that I would like to make a menu on the very first
boot, not every time the computer boots, to copy a few files. The files
are a few configuration files for a lxde build I am working on, the
system gets setup one way or the other.

I used the scripts below as an example to modify, and I know that they
work because I can run the scripts within the build and they work
perfectly. It is when I try to get the very same script to work before
x starts by inserting it into the "custom script" section in the studio
I run into problems.

I asked the same question at the Suse Studio help boards, and after
waiting a week the only answer I got was to add the script to
/etc/init.d/before.local or /etc/init.d/after.local, and even if this
would work (and it did not) I do not want the script to run every time
the build boots.

If anyone here has any clue how to do this I would be very appreciative,
and please keep in mind while I have made great strides in learning
linux, I am still rather new to linux and have a lot to learn.

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