I am configuring a pair of servers as a High Availability extensions using the SuSE HA-X addon downloaded from OpenSuSE (as directed by SLES support). After configuring iSCSI and installing the appropriate drivers for mutipath &ct. I mounted the iSCSI volume on my SAN. I rebooted the server to get to the the DRAC/IPMI settings in BIOS to enable IPMI for STONITH. Having done this, I rebooted again and the boot failed stating that it could not write to /var and offered repair mode.

Long story short, I ran Automatic repair at one point and it suggested there was a problem with the bootloader and offered to repair it. Another thing that popped up is a conflict with the catalogs because I was reportedly not using the same installer CD as the installed system. The Versions were identical, but the installer was SLES and the system SuSE. This is not true. The only SuSE components I installed were the HA Extensions as an add-on product.

The bootloader now only shows:
SUSE Linux
Failsafe -- SUSE Linux

The other server shows:
Xen -- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 - 3.0.101-0.29
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 - 3.0.101-0.29
Failsafe -- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 - 3.0.101-0.29

As a consequence, I cannot boot this repaired server into the Xen kernel. From Patterns. I can see that XEN is installed. Am I going to have unistall Xen and reinstall it, or is there a way for me to (un)fix the bootloader?