On Mon 18 Aug 2014 01:14:02 PM CDT, liuhao750926 wrote:

I was install suse11 sp3. when I run command:"#modprobe
ip_vs", it reply:"FATAL: Module ip_vs not found",
I serch google and linuxvirtualserver.org ,use "# make ; #make
install" rebulid core, after reboot, problem still .
I make the ipvsadm ,it reply" ip_vs.h:15:29: error:
netlink/netlink.h: No such file or directory..................." , I
relink、cp ip_vs.h ,but it can't work correctly.
what can I do now?

AFAIK, the ipvs stuff is part of the HA extension for SLES. Do you have
access to this?

If not there are a couple of unsupported options?

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