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Yes, because you'll likely corrupt things unless you can do something to
prevent writing to the disk during that time. Unfortunately you'd only
notice that corruption upon a restore, when it's too late.

Could you create another instance, use clustering for your NSS resource,
and then backup one node at a time failing services back and forth? Since
you have NSS these are OES boxes and you can use Novell Cluster Services
(NCS) for most services (sans eDirectory) which would have a replica on
each server anyway.

Other options may be using some kind of filesystem snapshotting
technology. I am not sure what that'd look like from the host, or if your
host's filesystem has that as an option, but maybe it'd work. I prefer
the cluster option because it gives you another benefit (failover) at the
same time.
Thanks ab. I was afraid that'd be the answer.
We could look at clustering in the future, since the data is on a SAN, but, that'd be something new for us (well, me) and doesn't sound like a quick fix, so to speak, especially with all the other projects looming over me currently.
The host is SLES11sp3, running ext3.

I guess I'll try to make a case to justify downing the VMs just long enough to create a clone, start the VM back up ASAP, then I can backup or move the clone at my leisure.
I 'll run that through my supervisors, and change control; after all, it's a worthy cause.