On 09/22/2014 04:44 AM, Anjumqadeer wrote:
> I am From Pakistan. One of my customer having over 1200 business
> locations where using altogether 8400 terminals. They need our
> consultancy for switching their operating system from Windows to Linux.
> Every issue can be sought out for operation but we could not find the
> solution for remote monitoring of Digital Video Recorder (CCTV).
> The browser we used is Mozilla Firefox. If we download IE Tab but could
> not install "ActiveX" files?

IE Tab, as I recall, is a way to open an existing install of interet
explorer within a tab of Firefox. Of course Linux, SLED included, does
not come with standards-non-compliant browsers like internet explorer, so
attempting to use IE Tab to open it cannot work.

> The remote monitoring of CCTV camera and recording thereof at remote
> site is very Important requirement by the State Bank Of Pakistan (the
> controlling body to Banks).
> Please inform solution and if you have any question in this regards
> pleas feel free.

Your best bet may be to see if you can install an old version of internet
explorer with wine, and then run that one. Better yet, fix the camera
systems to not require proprietary technology, although that ship may have
sailed with the money sent to the camera system vendor in years gone by,
and they probably will not care to fix their systems for you.

> Please also inform the contact details for support for Pakistan?

If a partner cannot help you I would guess that SUSE/Novell has options
listed on their site, though since this is a problem of dependence on
proprietary technologies the support options likely cannot help you like
they could if you were battling something involving proper interpretation
of internet standards.

Good luck.

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