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Thread: how to install latest firefox+thunderbird on sled11sp3

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    Question how to install latest firefox+thunderbird on sled11sp3

    hello guys,

    i am using sled11sp3 and currently using firefox esr v17.0.4; however, the latest version so far is v33 as shown in mozilla's website.
    i would like to install/update firefox+thunderbird on my machine, preferably using suse rpm's for my sled version; however, i'm fearful of dependencies and i am reluctant of using the tar.gz version, since this means that i will have 2 firefox instances in my pc and not sure whether this may cause some problem in the future.

    unfortunately, i don't own a novell subscription for updates.

    can you please show me step by step the processes i have to do in order to update to the latest web browser?

    or, should i subscribe to this repository instead?

    thank you for providing your hints!

    (on a side note, i love gnome 2.28; i don't like gnome3 interface at all and i see it's the default desktop environment on sled12, so i'll stick with sled11 sp3 --> sp4 and beyond for a few more years)
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