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  1. New Update Infrastructure

    We are happy to announce that a new SUSE update infrastructure is in place in Microsoft Azure. The update infrastructure operated and maintained by SUSE provides updates to instances launched from SUSE released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on demand images in Microsoft Azure.

    Those using the latest images, released on 2014-11-06 or thereafter, will automatically connect to the new infrastructure. Those that have running instances started from images released prior to this date need to switch the instances to the new infrastructure. To switch a running instance follow these simple steps:

    -> wget

    Then as root

    # zypper --no-refresh --non-interactive in instanceInfraUpgrade.noarch.rpm
    # instanceInfraUpgrade
    # rm instanceInfraUpgrade.noarch.rpm

    After the update to the new infrastructure "zypper lr" will point to repositories starting with "SMT"

    The old infrastructure server will be disabled on June 30, 2015.

    -- July 29, 2015 --
    I added the '--no-refresh' option to the zypper command to prevent zypper from trying to refresh the repositories. The old update infrastructure was removed on June 30th, as announced. Anyone trying to follow the procedure that still has the old update infrastructure configured will run into issues if the '--no-refresh' option is not used.
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