Hi All,

I'm using SLED12 x86_64 on my laptop. Previously I used SLED11 & didn't face such problem ::

Mainly two application's behaviour are are abnormal (some times).

Evolution :: to write a new mail (either Ctrl+N or 'New' from the Icon) does not work sometimes, on the taskbar it although shows the new Compose Mail window but it's not clickable, after 3-4 minutes later it'll display a popup window with 'Force to quit' and 'Wait' button from Evolution. After 3-4 times click the 'Wait' button, it display & active the Compose Mail window. If I click 'Force to quit' button then entire Evolution mail client close, which is normal, but after start the Mail client, it again shows the same thing (if again I would open a Compose Mail). But during this time other apps behaviour remain normal.

Rhythmbox :: Sometimes it quit, may be during playing the music from my Local Library or sometimes it quit If i would add some audio from my Local library to my playlist.

On the previous version of SLED11 I never faced such type of apps behaviour.

So, to solve this can any one tell me where are logs for those apps, so that if again that happens then I can post the log details.