I am new to linux so I apologize if this question is really stupid, but I am stumped.

How do I get Yast2 to look up a software package so I can upgrade?
Specifically I am trying to upgrade from PostgreSQL 8.1 to 9.x.
When I click 'Software Management' and search for 'postgres' it only shows me postgres 8.1, which is what I have already installed.

I seem to remember from a few months ago using yast that it would search 'somewhere' automatically and show me new packages available. I don't remember how I got to that option, and now I can't find it.

Under the option 'Installation Source' it seems to list places it will look for packages, but I can't find the source that it needs to look for a new postgres package. I tried to 'add' a source, with server = postgresql.org, directory = download, but that was obviously wrong and it let me know so.

So I am at a loss. Laugh at me all you want but please tell me what I am doing wrong.

I am using SUSE Linux Enterprise server 10 patchlevel 4.

Thanks in advance for any help. --Fred