My environment: SLED 11 SP3 (patch level up-to-date) including Gnome 2.28.x, nautilus 2.28, GNOME Utilities 2.28.3

Right-clicking on the trash can shows its properties: 2.758 objects consuming 92,9 MB. The reason for this amount is that I replaced evolution with thunderbird because evolution and the provider's software disagreed about the TLS stack. I copied too many evolution folder contents and afterwords deleted some of them.

When I try to open trash, it takes quite a long time, but nothing happens, no content is listed. That's something new. A look into /var/log/warn shows timeout messages which might as well result from other processes. The only action offered to perform on trash is to empty it.

Any idea? Is there a default configuration limiting the number of trash objects or size of occupied space? If there are such limits, does anybody know where the configuration file resides? Is there any alternative way to view the trash content and erase only some of it?