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Thread: Xmodmap and setxkbmap

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  1. Xmodmap and setxkbmap

    Hi Forums!
    I mistakenly posted this on the OpenSUSE forums, so I'll attempt to reproduce the thread flow here:

    I have bought a new keyboard to help my RSI, it's like an ergonomic keyboard and I need to swap Left arrow cursor with Delete to get normal usage.

    Running xmodmap queries yields:

    :~> xmodmap -pke | grep Del
    keycode 91 = KP_Delete KP_Decimal KP_Delete KP_Decimal
    keycode 119 = Delete NoSymbol Delete
    ~> xmodmap -pke | grep Left
    keycode 23 = Tab ISO_Left_Tab Tab ISO_Left_Tab
    keycode 83 = KP_Left KP_4 KP_Left KP_4
    keycode 113 = Left NoSymbol Left
    I found that by adding to a new file ~/.Xmodmap

    keycode 113=Delete
    keycode 119=Left
    The problem was fixed. However, it's not persistent, so to try to sort this, I added to my ~/.bashrc
    xmodmap /user/prussell/.Xmodmap
    This is a partial fix, because I have to open a terminal session to activate it! More to the point, I know now, xmodmap is deprecated. In short, can anyone tell me where and how to achieve the sample simple bindings for SUSE Enterprise desktop, using the more modern setxkbmap on X11?

    My version of Linux is : SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, x86 & x86-64
    I use a UK keyboard layout, and this is the 104 key version.

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