I have 2 SLES 12 machines (named master-server and slave-sever) that I want to configure as NIS master and slave servers. I have gone through the configuration of the master, selected that a slave is present, chosen fast map distribution and everything seems to be working. I then configured the slave and again everything seems OK, it pulls the maps from the server and ps -ef reveals that ypserv is running. So far, so good.

The problems start when I change one of the files on the master that the nis maps are generated from. These are in /etc/yp/ypfiles, as I don't use the system files in /etc.

I edit the file (e.g. /var/yp/ypfiles/auto.home) cd /var/yp and issue the make command. This has always worked for me on SLES 11 setups, the new map gets built on the master and then pushed out to the slave. However, on my new setup with SLES 12 there is a delay and then the error:

master-server:/var/yp # make
gmake[1]: Entering directory '/var/yp/my.nisdomain'
gmake[1]: 'ypservers' is up to date.
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/var/yp/my.nisdomain'
gmake[1]: Entering directory '/var/yp/my.nisdomain'
Updating auto.home...
YPPUSH: Cannot call YPPROC_XFR on host "slave-server": RPC: Timed out

auto.home->master-server: Callback timed out
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/var/yp/my.nisdomain'

The maps get updated on the master but not on the slave. I have also noticed that if I issue a ypwhich command on the slave it returns the hostname of the master. My previous experience has been that the the slave returns the value localhost and also that almost all of the clients bind to the slave rather that the master. This time, everything binds to the master.

I have turned off the the firewalls on both master and slave and it has made no difference.

Advice would be appreciated.