I am running SLES12 and it seems that when I select the menu item to go into maintenance mode I come up in the default mode.
I select advance options and then select option 4 for maintenance mode. I expect to get a prompt telling me I am in maintenance mode and to enter the root password. Instead I boot up normally and I am asked for the use and password. Messages after the selection do state that this is the default. This menu was generated automatically. Are there parameters that I can specify to allow this menu to work correctly? What would be required and where would the changes be made?

*(3) SLES12, with Linux 3.12.39-47-default
(4) SLES12, with Linux 3.12.39-47-default (recovery mode)
(5) SLES12, with Linux 3.12.28-4-default
(6) SLES12, with Linux 3.12.28-4-default (recovery mode)

Loading Linux 3.12.39-47-default ...
Loading initial ramdisk ...
Performing 'kexec -l /boot/image-3.12.39-47-default