I have a SLES 11 SP3 on System z installation (runs as a virtual server under z/VM 6.3) that was installed onto a LUN on an IBM V7000. Apparently, the SAN box has had some major issues and the SAN team has migrated all of the LUN's to a replacement box. They have provided me the new WWPN and other info.

I copied the new SAN info into my VM Directory and can start the boot process. I believe that SLES 11 stores this info in the bootloader, and possibly elsewhere, but I can't seem to find any reference on how to modify the system so that it will totally boot from the new SAN.

This is a test (sandbox) installation that was put together to test that we could actually install Linux to SAN on the mainframe. All of my other Linux instances use tradition mainframe (ECKD) dasd.

What do I need to do to modify (for documentation purposes) the installation to get it to boot?

Harley Linker Jr.