Hello all,

I've an unusual issue, I have four windows 2008R2 servers virtualized in our environment which is SLES11SP3 (XEN) running flawlessly. I have need to remove the VMDP from these servers as they are being transferred to another agency who does not use XEN, they use VMWare; and per the directions on packaging the servers for the receiving environment all virtualization drivers must be removed. Two of the four servers I simply went into the vmdp folder under Program Files, executed the uninstall routine and voila! A nice clean machine which I was able to ship off for the VMWare environment, the other two servers however I cannot get the automagic uninstall feature to work. The error received when running the uninstaller is:

The selected SUSE Drivers for Windows are not installed

Ok.. so I try to re-install the VMDP and I get an error message that the drivers are already installed

This has me in a bit of a pickle as this is a production box, and we cannot transfer this to the other agency unless they can install the VMWare software, which I did give them one server to try the VMWare installer on and they indicated that VMWare gives an error similar to the system currently has virtual drivers please remove.

I've reverted back to our previous seven snapshots (that's all we can afford to keep) and all seven snaps do the same thing in relation to attempting to remove or re-install the vmdp.

This leaves me with the rather unpleasantness of manually removing the drivers, so anyone have any idea how to accomplish that feat? That or is there another means of uninstalling the VMDP? I can schedule down time of this box (again it's a prod box) what I cannot do is lose the box, according to the developers it would take a week to re-create whatever mess it is they have on this thing.

Thanks for any thoughts / suggestions!