We have a Groupwise 2012 Server that we want to get the Hardware so we virtualized the drives to a Hyper-V VHD.

I used this video tutorial to use "dd" to clone the drive(s) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raD3pf1x8hU

After starting it with Hyper-V, however, it says: "waiting for drive /dev/disk/by-id/<longass number>-part3.... and fails.

So, I determined it needed the drive(s) set in fstab or something. So, I looked at the old Groupwise Server and saw that the drives are listed under: /dev/cciss/<partitions>

When the boot fails in the hyper-v area, I went to /dev and there are no drives listed. Nothing for sda (or b) no hda (or b) no /dev/cciss

So, all reference to drives is not there. Do I need to create some files? (like: touch /dev/sda) or something?

I know that the VHD files are:
Part 1: /boot
Part 2: /swap
Part 3: / (main one)

Second drive:
Part 1: /home

When it boots, it looks to me like it sees the ATA drives but again, no way of seeing the drives listed in /dev, they don't auto-populate or anything in /dev

I tried mounting the VHD file on my computer using "EXT2 Volume Manager" and modify the fstab, etc but again, nothing in the /dev folder so I don't know what to do.

Any ideas?