Hi all,

We are trying to set up a SLES 11 box as a PXE boot server. Our desire is to create .img files using the DD command of base-line servers, copy the .img to this PXE boot server, and then use new server's PXE boot option to automatically connect and install the image.

We are using the instructions found on https://tr.opensuse.org/SuiSE_install_with_PXE_boot and are running into questions.

We have the boot server configured with TFTP but we are having some concerns with DHCP. Evidently the PXE process needs DHCP to connect to the PXE boot server but we already have DHCP configured in our environment -- it is handled by the Windows side of things. If we configure this PXE boot server with DHCP, how do we prevent it from interfering with the corporate enterprise DHCP process?

Jim Gosney