I have 4 dasd devices online and activated with LVM volumes defined on them. None of the LVM volumes are mounted. I go into YAST to deactivate the devices but the devices could not be changed. I halt the system and redefine the devices to other addresses to prevent them from coming online. The system fails to ipl with the following message.
IPL 15C0                                                                        
Booting default (grub2)                                                         
dracut-initqueue[331]: ln: failed to create symbolic link '/dev/resume': File exists
I reset all the devices and restart the system. I do not find this file. I am guessing this file is created when the system is brought down.
To deactivate the device I expect that I must first remove them from LVM.
Is this the proper method to deactivate the devices?
Is there an alternate method?
The system IPL does not have any dependencies with these devices and therefore I would not expect the IPL to fail if these devices were not available.
Is this a problem?