Ok, for those of you that have to deal with replacing users' computers,
laptops, etc, I have a request for ideas.

Our computers here are in our AD domain, and have some software on them
that is a 'per install' license.

When it's time to replace computers, the new one replaces the old, and
the old one is supposed to be removed from our domain so our inventory
software will set this machine to retired and free up the software
license. The machine then goes into our high density storage until the
hard drive gets wiped, then it goes to 'long term' storage before it
goes to an auction.

Problem is, the support people that do the computer replacement
apparently don't want to do the steps necessary with the old pc after
it's been replaced. Apparently they don't feel they have the time to
do this, which then it becomes a several day process to take care of
all the machines that need done.

Anyone know of any 'automated' way to do this, where a script or
something is run on the pc and it gets removed from our domain, and
gets the licensed software uninstalled?