hi guys

I setting a Suse 11 which has 2 NICs
eth0 - - 00.0C.29.DC.10.CA (MAC)
eth1 - - 00.0C.29.DC.10.DE (MAC)
I need both in the same subnet since they will ne connected to another device - storage - point to point

but I found something while doing the installation
doing ARPs from a workstation I found the behavior below

[root@workstation ~]# arp -n
Address                  HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface           ether   00:0C:29:DC:10:CA   C                     eth0           ether   00:0C:29:DC:10:CA   C                     eth0
as you can see it's like eth0 gets all the requests
in fact If I disconnect the cable from eth1 IP .151 will be still pingable which is what I don't want
and If I disconnect cable from eth0 none of the IPs .150 - .151 is pingable and I was hoping .151 would be pingable...

so why is this behavior?
I need eth0 respond the request for .150 and don't respond .151
and eth1 respond .151 request

seems like eth0 owns the IPs

This is not working
neither is this
any help?
thanks alot