I've done a bit more testing and it seems like the issue is with the 32
bit initrd.

I've built the same exact package using the 64 bit version and it loads
fine. All the same modules were added as in the 32 bit version, yet the
32 bit version hangs when loading.
To make matters more interesting, when i compile a LiveCD version of
that build that hangs via PXE boot, it will boot the server fine.

I also compared the kernels from the LiveCD version and PXE boot
version and they are identical.
Which leads me to believe there is a problem with the initrd.

Can someone send me a link to their netboot initrd image please ? Needs
to be SLES 11 32bit.

My initrd's file name is: initrd-netboot-suse-SLES11.i686-2.1.1.gz

If anyone has a different version can you please send me a link so i
can test it

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