I have a strange situation which is repeated on 2 SLED11 SP1 machines. The users both use the Gnome desktop. When they start one of our centrally served applications (eg Tecplot, Fluent Icemcfd) the app starts to open, the splash screen appears and disappears and the application window opens. Then the desktop freezes, the start menu does not work etc. If I then use CTRL-ALT-F1 and login as the user in the text terminal, use kill -9 to kill the application and then return to the X session with CTRL-ALT-F7 the desktop is usable again. If I then start the same application again, it works, as do all the others. I only have to start one application, have it fail and kill it for all the other applications to subsequently work. This carries on until the users logs out and in again, when we have to go through the kill process again. It doesn't matter which application is started and killed, after it is done all the others work.

This does not happen when the user uses a KDE4 desktop. In that instances all the applications work as they should from the first login.

This has me baffled and any advice would be appreciated.