I am just testing the upgrade to SLES 11 SP2 from SP1 using a virtual image of a running physical machine. But I keep encountering boot corruption. Whichever method I choose, either UPGRADE after booting of SP2 media or PATCHCD in Yast using the same SP2 media, results in the system booting to a GRUB prompt and halting. While the install or upgrade is in progress, I can see some messages saying "mkinitrd failed ". I cant try this on the actual server till this issue is resolved. My config is as follows:

Root partition is non-lvm partition using Ext3. All the remaining partitions use LVM. Directories USR, OPT, SRV, VAR etc are all separately mounted LVM partitions on HP Raid array.

Another thing I noticed, is that during the upgrade procedure after booting of the SP2 media, I only see the USR and VAR partitions being used. The rest are not even mounted. I checked this by logging into a new terminal and using "df -h", though the purpose was to check the free space being used up during upgrade.

Please advise, what the problem could be.

System is a old HP Proliant ML 350 g4.