Hi everyone,
Am having a play with the SMT sevrer on sles 11 sp1 and am trying to get an oes2 sp1 box to register and update from it

I'm at the point where the box registers but throws back a 404 not found error, so I checked my apache logs on the SMT box and found that the paths were not what I would expect them to be (or what the oes box expects either)

instead of smtbox/repo/RCE$/ i've got smtbox/repo/full/RCE$...

clearly my oes2 box doesnt know what to do as the files are not where it expects them to be

I added my oes2 client by using the clientSetup4SMT.sh script - is there something i've missed somewhere in all this process? Or is this another annoying bug which I need to work around myself?

If it's possible to change the URL the oes2 box is looking at, some pointers would be great, i'm very familiar with manually changing things at the command line to fix weird issues i've come across with oes2 boxes before....