Creation of SuMa 3 Tools Repository for SLE11 SP2 fails with the following error:

srvms1suma:~ # mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -c SLE-11-SP2-x86_64
copy 'dbus-1-python-0.83.0-27.1.43.x86_64'
copy 'zypper-1.6.178-0.5.3.x86_64'
ERROR: package 'libyaml-0-2' not found
The objected libyaml-0-2 simply seems to be missing.
All SUSE channels have been synced completely, esp. SLES11 SP1/2 x86_64.
No problems with creating other tools repositorys, e.g., SLES11 SP3/4 and SLES12 SP1.

Any hint appreciated.