Hi there,

I think that I've found a regression in SLES 11 SP2 (compared to SLES 11 SP1).

With SLES 11 SP1, it was possible to install full ext4 support (full meaning that after installation was complete, you could install ext4 kmod's and have full read / write access to an ext4 filesystem).

As far as I can tell, this is NOT possible with SP2. -- it will ONLY mount ext4 volumes as 'read only'. It doesn't matter what mount options you pass (I specifically tried 'rw'), it's still mounted as read-only. This is causing major problems
for me as I try and upgrade my server(s) internally that are running SLES11 SP1 -- since the ext4 filesystems are read-only, and I have to copy
everything off, rebuild the filesystems as either ext3 or xfs, then copy everything back, causing extended downtimes for upgrades (and some of these filesystems aren't small -- they are upwards of 1TB!).

I've also run into this as I try to upgrade openSUSE systems to SLED ... specifically this is a problem when /home is created as ext4 (the default in openSUSE).

Am I missing something? Is there some file / option that I need to change or pass to alter this behavior? I still can't believe that SuSE doesn't officially support ext4 :-/