dear experts,

I am desperately trying to register SLES 11 SP4 for SAP applications using suse_register. since i can under no circumstances connect the server directly to the web, I have to use a proxy in whose configuration i have absolutely no influence. I just told them to grant me access to * without authorization.

I did the following:
OS>yast2 proxy
insert proxy settings and test - works.
insert proxy settings into .curlrc

Then I tested the proxy with mozilla firefox. When I am trying to open, it prompts me that the certificate is not trustworthy - i accept the exception and get te certificate. since then everything works fine.

But when I am trying to
OS>curl -x <proxy-url>:<port>
it gives me the typical CA-certificate error. With the option -k it works. same with wget

So when I am trying to register via
OS>suse_register -a regcode-sles=<regcode> -a email=<my mail> -L /root/.suse_register.log

it runs into a TCP timeout. but since i can access the register web page via firefox, network settings should not be the problem.

I am 90% sure it has something to do with suse_register or curl not accepting the certificate.

Glad for any help.

Best regards