First off let me put all cards on the table and tell you that I am by no
means an expert when it comes to developing (or even using) Linux;
however, I have always found that working with another person or within
a group helps me to learn stuff like that more efficiently.

Now here's my request, which I would love to get some feedback on.

I really like the desktop environment that is custom build for 'Semplice
Linux' (, a Debian Sid/Jesse fork.
Everything else on the other hand is garbage and never, ever, works
properly. While they supposedly pride themselves on having both a
cutting edge rolling release as well as a solid static version as well.
To quote them directly:
> "The first one [-Semplice Current: 7.0.1 "Comfortably Numb"-] is more
> up-to-date and is rolling-release. If you like livin' [sic] on the
> edge, you should choose this.
> The latter one [-Semplice for Workstations: 2015.2 "Jethro Tull"-] is
> ideal for those who like a reliable and rock-solid Operating System."

Well, their *rolling release* was last pushed on April, 13th, 2015.
Ubuntu and Mate's static release schedule updates more frequently than
that. To me, that is not a rolling release, despite their claim.

Secondly, their rock solid released was pushed on September 18th, 2015.
Even for a "static-get-everything-working-perfectly-before-releasing-it"
distribution class, that seems an awfully long time. Not to mention
that while Openbox-Vera-Desktop looks and acts like it has the potential
to be great option for people who find minimalistic OSes that just work;
theirs crashes frequently. As an example, when I gave it a shot in a VM
today, it had a core dump, resulting from my *egregious error* of
plugging in my headphones. After rebooting, I found that I actually had
to plug the headphones back in or else it would core dump again. So the
core dumped when headphones were removed, then dumped when they were not
connected, and would not launch until they were. And of course, (you
can guess what's coming next), would crash if I tried to remove the
headphones once again. So it's sort of like telling people that you
keep kosher, but that your favorite sandwich is a grilled cheese and ham
with bacon.

So enough of my griping, what I'd really like to find out is whether
anybody would like to work with me to create an Openbox-Vera-Desktop
version of OpenSUSE? I have very little doubt that our attempts could
never be as bad as theirs, and could probably be a fun challenge.

If you'd like to give this a shot with me, I'd like to see what we could
come up with!

Thanks for listening gals and guys!

~ Ev

PS - Semplice, if you're going to use musical names for your releases,
at least stick with either bands or songs. Or even songs of a certain
band. Next time, don't follow this method and choose something similar
to "Comfortably Numb" and "Jethro Tull" respective releases. *Jethro
Tull* never sung -Comfortably Numb-. That was *Pink Floyd*. ...


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