On 12/07/16 15:44, lnxbum wrote:

> Thanks for the e-mail and TID/knowledge base article on the subject.
> Please find my answers:
> 1. How did you upgrade from SLES11 SP2 (for VMware) to SLES11 SP4?
> We checked the /etc/SuSE-release file and found that server to be at
> SuS11 SP2. So followed the procedure at suse site for distribution
> upgrade to SP3 and later to SP4.
> https://www.suse.com/documentation/s..._sle11sp3.html

Okay so you correctly, ignoring the "for VMware" aspect, went from SP2
to SP4 via SP3 which therefore rules out any unexplained oddities I've
seen caused by going straight from SP2 to SP4.

> We subscribe the servers to the channels in SuSE manager for
> patching/distribution upgrade.
> Only after the distribution upgrade to SP4 was complete, I ran the
> "zypper pd -i" command. I wish I had run this before.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! ;-)

> 2. Given the "forVMware" aspect do you perhaps have a snapshot of your
> server pre-upgrade that you can rollback to?
> The server is a VM on vmware infrastructure. I am new to SuSE Linux and
> my current work environment, so not sure how these these servers were
> built/maintained in the past.
> Yes. We have taken the VM snapshot before doing the upgrade.

Are you able to revert to the snapshot to redo the upgrade or have
things now moved on so that's not ideal or possible?

> I have a few more questions:
> 1. Do you by any chance know the difference between "SuSE Linux
> Enterprise Server 11 SP2" and "SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 for
> VMware"? Is this going to be an issue for us in future?

The "for VMware" was a VMware-supported release of SLES optimised for
running on VMware. Notice that I said "was" - SLES for VMware was
discontinued after SLES11 SP3 for VMware hence the migration TID.

> 2. It's not just this one server, we have migrated about 9 servers in
> total from SP2 to SP4. Does it require a roll back, SuSE11 SP2 to SP3
> distrubtion upgrade, then migration of SLES-11-SP3-for-VMware system to
> SLES-11-SP3 (https://www.suse.com/support/kb/doc?id=7015096), and
> finally SuSE11 SP3 to SP4 distribution upgrade? Since the whole
> procedure we followed for distribution upgrade to SP4 completed without
> any issues, I wish there was a work-around to correct the current
> situation.

If it's possible I would revert each upgraded server to a pre-upgrade
snapshot then

* upgrade from SP2 for VMware to SP3 for VMware
* migrate to "regular" SLES
* upgrade from "regular" SP3 to SP4

This way you'll be supported SUSE which covers you if you then
upgrade/migrate those servers with further SLES releases (i.e. SLES12).

If you can't revert then I would try the manual migration steps from TID
7015096 on one server but with some changes to take account that it's
already been upgraded to SP4 (principally to steps 1 & 7).

Note that the tar archive file attached to the TID won't help you as
it's for SP3 - you can get the necessary SUSE_SLES.prod from the
sles-release pacakge.

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