We are setting up windows 10 on our network and need to upgrade in order to use iPrint.
I have been with Novell for 20 years not, But I have never been successful in upgrading SUSE.
Today I upgraded my main server (for logging in and iPrint) to sp2 and , at the time, appeared to go through without a problem. But when tried to login i would get an error. The error was that it could not find the tree or server. I tried to connect to iManager and I would get a similar message.
I checked console 1 and it says that the server is down. but I can ping it. it can ping out and when I login to the server and check what is running, it says that ndsd is running. I have four other SUSE 11 sp1 servers running and are in the same tree and they are up and running.

What could have gone wrong?