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Thread: SLES10 syslog-ng and audit.log.

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    Question SLES10 syslog-ng and audit.log.

    Good day,

    I am trying to configure syslog-ng to send the audit.log file to a remote server. I always get a permission denied on the file unless i disable apparmor.. I cannot disabler Apparmor since this config need to be put into production.

    Here is my config:

    source s_file {

    destination d_local_audit {
    file ("/var/log/local3.log");

    log {
    source (s_file);

    The local3.log is not getting populated by audit.logs and I cant figure out why. The remote host is not eceiving much either, but it receives some stuff (other logs . I checked with tcpdump -vvvnAXSs 1514 port 514)

    I am willing to try other ways of doing this, like using named pipe, but I am not sure how this work.

    Any help is greatly apreciated.
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