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Thread: NFS client freezes when NFS server system loses connection

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    everything i've read about the soft option says to never use it, and can easily lead to data corruption.

    Do not try to access mountpoints that are not there; that's just silly.
    i think you are missing my point, otherwise you are effectively saying don't use nfs because there is no way to handle the situation when a system that is an nfs-server goes down.

    When all systems are up and running, everything is fine and the mount points work but the problem is when one system goes down for whatever reason at any point in time then all the other systems for any user having a shell open will freeze. Now yeah the mount points are still there going to that system that's now offline. I have no way of automatically knowing exactly when a system goes down to then get in quickly to undo all mount points to it.

    this freezing will also happen for any existing shell window that is open for any user,
    in addition to if you try to log in to an nfs-client system where one of its mount points does not exist.
    This is completely separate from having a working shell window where at the prompt you try to do: cd /folder_from_nfsserver_thathascrashed/
    What i am saying is when an nfs-server goes down, the shell windows that are already open become unresponsive until the nfs-server comes back online.
    Even when i am logged in under my user account I cannot switch user with SU to become root to then type unmount /folder_from_nfsserver_thathascrashed/
    After doing su and typing root password, I never get a prompt !!!
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