I've been trying to figure out how to create a standart live image from
suse studio but it was confusing. There shouldn't have be an obligation
to not use live disks. I couldn't figure out what packages do I need to
add. Even gcc wasn't included to standart 42.1 GNOME live disk by
default. Should I include this yast package ? Am I doing it right ? Ok,
you may be telling why don't you test it online ? Because testing link
requires flash which is known as a security risk. Ok, there may be other
people's "clones" out there in suse gallery. But really, who can give me
a guarantee it will work or it's not a virus ? If I remember correctly
we could upload data to server while building our own distro including
RPM packages, right ? I saw countless example of that.


I've trusted openSUSE, because it's backed with a trust worthy, good
company. Novell. If something happens I know who to ask help from. Why
isn't there an "official" live disk like any other distro ? People keep
sharing their own live disks for 42.1. But as I said, how can I know
their intention. Are they trying to help me, or what ? My bank pass,
education passes, social network passes, everything about me is in my
computer. It should be safe or it could be problem.

I can't install it from network installation because it's painful with
my country's poor internet connection speed. Full installation disks ?
I've got a netbook without dvd rom and my desktop's dvd rom doesn't
work. I install my operating systems from USB.

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