since SLES11 SP2 I have a problem with the Midnight Commander during copy a subdirectory to a other name (in the same superordinate directory).

I can reproduce this when I try to copy a directory (F5) in the same directory, but with other name.
For example
* First make a test directory in the home directory:
* Then I copy the complete directory /etc/apparmor to ~/test
(Now I have ~/test/apparmor with subdirectores and files)

* Now I use the mc, go on ~/test/apparmor and use F5 to make a copy
* I the destination (to field, I type apparmor345

No I get two new directories

A cp -R ~/test/apparmor ~/test/apparmor345 works!

I tried to do this with putty, ssh from cygwin, and on the console (VMWare)!

If I use SLES11SP1 all works without Problems!

Can other out there confirm this strange behaviour?

Thanks Meike