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This question arose in an earlier thread with other issues. I'm
starting a new thread to separate it from the other issues, and with
some additional information.

I'm running SLES 12, aarch64, on a Raspberry Pi 3. On both Raspbian and
Fedora running on the Pi, the OS saw the K400 Plus keyboard on first
boot, and that keyboard/trackpad worked just fine. On SLES 12, it
didn't see the K400+ (apparently), and I've had to plug in a USB kbd &
mouse to do any work. I'd like to try (again) to get the K400+ working
on SLES -- I'm liking SLES, but I really need to get rid of the USB
devices on my Pi.

I did find and install the Solaar package. WARNING: the version from
the SUSE repository is outdated, even though the version numbers are the
same! Go to the Github repository ( https://github.com/pwr/Solaar ) and
download the zip from there; unzip it; connect to the Solaar master
directory; and run the setup.py program there ("build" and then
"install"). The updated version on Github includes support for the

The problem is that Solaar is used to pair and configure Logitech
devices. It isn't the driver for kbd/mouse that the kernel needs. That
driver appears to be loaded as a module, but the keyboard still doesn't
work. The kbd/trackpad are paired to the USB wireless dongle, and
Solaar sees and can configure it just fine, but the kbd doesn't interact
with the OS.

Solaar reports:
Index : 1
Wireless PID : 404D
Protocol : HID++ 2.0
Polling rate : 8 ms (125Hz)
Serial : ABAF0629
Bootloader : BOT 22.01.B0001
Firmware : RQK 63.01.B0014
Other :

modinfo reports:
pi-6:~ # modinfo hid_logitech_dj
author: nlopezcasad@logitech.com
author: Nestor Lopez Casado
author: Logitech
license: GPL
srcversion: F3A9F93C83C7C05995A1FE7
alias: hid:b0003g*v0000046Dp0000C532
alias: hid:b0003g*v0000046Dp0000C52B
supported: yes
intree: Y
vermagic: 4.4.21-90-default SMP mod_unload modversions aarch64
signer: SUSE Linux Enterprise Secure Boot Signkey
3F:B0:77:B6:CE:BC:6F:F2:52:2E:1C:14:8C:57:C7:77:C7 :88:E3:E7
sig_hashalgo: sha256

So it appears that the driver has loaded, and the USB dongle is paired,
but the kernel isn't seeing the characters come from the kbd/trackpad.

Has anyone gotten this combination to work? I'm pretty sure this is a
simple configuration error on my part, but after much trying, I still
haven't gotten it to work.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
A missing kernel module - hid_logitech_hidpp

I have a K400r and connected to a laptop running SLED 12 SP2 and it
works fine but uses the above module. Give me a few and will look at
building a module (as a kmp) to see if all works.

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