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Thread: SM 3 Performance Issues

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  1. SM 3 Performance Issues


    our sm 3.0.2 server is showing some issues concering used space and used swap space.

    currently our susemanager setup looks as follows:

    RAM: 32 GB
    SWAP: 2 GB
    CPU: 16 Cores

    Clients: 451

    we have created a seperate LV with 15GB for /var/lib/jabberd and are monitoring it via cacti.

    Currently it takes one week for the susemanger to fill this LV.

    So i've created a cron.weekly script as an workaround in order to clean it:

    #### Location /etc/cron.weekly/
    #### cron by ttkoegl
    echo "Used Space before CleanUp: "
    /usr/bin/du -h /var/lib/jabberd/db/
    echo ""
    echo "Cleaning Up Jabber DB, Check if Working afterwards"
    echo ""
    /usr/bin/sudo -u jabber /usr/bin/db_checkpoint -1 -h /var/lib/jabberd/db/
    /usr/bin/db_archive -a -h /var/lib/jabberd/db/
    /usr/bin/db_archive -d -h /var/lib/jabberd/db/
    systemctl restart jabberd.service
    ####/etc/init.d/jabberd restart
    echo ""
    echo "Used Space after CleanUp: "
    /usr/bin/du -h /var/lib/jabberd/db/
    )|  mail -s "SUSE MANAGER Jabber Cleanup" -r "SUSE MANAGER <susemanager@example>"
    This cleans up the jabberdb in /var/lib/jabberd/db/ every week and generates output as follows:
    Used Space before CleanUp: 
    15G	/var/lib/jabberd/db/
    Cleaning Up Jabber DB, Check if Working afterwards
    Used Space after CleanUp: 
    24M	/var/lib/jabberd/db/
    Is there an error with my jabberd or can it be set to "less verbose" because i believe this behavior is not intended?

    Also the longer my susemanager installation runs the more RAM and SWAP space it consumes. Any ideas on this issue?

    (Please Note: i've increased the memory in week 45 from 20GB to 32GB

    Please let me know if you've experienced similar issues or need additional Infortmation.

    Thanks in advance

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