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Thread: mount.cifs and kernel does not support SMB2 instead of SMB1

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    Re: mount.cifs and kernel does not support SMB2 instead of S

    A somewhat older thread, but for reference:

    Quote Originally Posted by Massimo Rosen View Post
    SLES11 ships with Samba 3.6, which supports SMBv2, since SLES11SP2.
    While true for the Samba version, it seems SLES 11 (even patched upto SP4+post patches) misses needed kernel enhancements to support SMBv2.
    When connecting to a SMBv2 or v3 capable share SLES 11 will actually connect to it using SMBv1. If the option to connect via SMBv1 has been disabled on the source offering the share, the mount will fail.

    Also see :

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